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If there is one thing we can all agree one, it's that there is nothing better than a photo of a young puppy.  They are so cute and adorable that it is hard not to stare at a cute photo of them for a long time!  Which is how we came across this amazing photographer, Alexi Conroy.  She is a dog mom to a pup named Kylo, and a wife to man named Jon. She has posted many photos of her dog and that is how we stumbled upon her work.   Alexi is also a great hybrid photographer that is based in Southern California and Nevada.  

Most people have heard of or personally know a photographer, but not too many people are familiar with a hybrid photographer.  A hybrid photographer is someone that uses both digital AND film cameras during a shoot.   As you are very much aware, here at Happy Paws Dog Treats are huge fans of nostalgia and everything from the 70's.  Although digital photographer is great, there is just an added layer of depth when a photo is shot in 35mm film.  Just look at our instagram, we find old grainy photos very exciting.  We love that Alexi is preserving the art of shooting on film because it just adds a little more character to the photos. 

If you are lucky enough to live in the Newport Beach, California area, then you have the pleasure of booking an appointment with Alexi now!  She specializes in Weddings, engagements, and family photography.  She also have done some amazing lifestyle shots for companies like Lululemon.  Since she loves dogs, she can also take some photos of your dog eating some of our CBD dog biscuits ;)

To view her photos, you can check out her instagram here , or to see her entire portfolio, you can visit her website at

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