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This week, here at Happy Paws  Dog Treats, we believe in helping all Dogs to stay Happy and Healthy.  Our CBD bones for dogs may help support them to live with healthy levels of anxiety, calm behavior, and healthy bones and joint, but there are many other ways to help dogs.  Which is why we decided to Partner with The Little Red Dog Rescue this week, by donating 10mg CBD Dog Biscuits to them!

This week, for each bag of CBD Dog Bones that are purchased, we will donate a bag of CBD Dog Bones to them!  These bones that we are donating will go a long way to help their animals they work with!   Our Bones may help support Calm behavior, separation anxiety, and overall healthy bones, joints, and coats.  Many of these animals have trauma from their past owners, and our CBD dog biscuits may help them settle into their new homes easier! 

The Little Red Dog is an organization that helps find dogs and cats loving homes to move into.  They are very passionate about finding dogs that were in abusive homes or high-kill rate shelters, and finding them families to live with.  They help facilitate pet adoptions and have other programs like therapy for abused dogs that helps turn them into family friendly dogs again.  They also have programs for fostering animals and are always looking for donations and volunteers.  If you have a moment, check their website here and see how you can help dogs find loving homes!

Check their instagram too to stay up to date!  @thelittlereddog

We very much support agency like this because of the amazing work that they are offering dogs!  At Happy Paws, we want to help all dogs and we believe that by partnering with The Little Red Dog, we will be able to help many dog live amazing lives once again!  At the end of the day, the dogs benefit from having a loving home, and the families benefit by having an amazing companion!

You can see them on instagram here

Visit our website to purchase CBD Dog Biscuits and we will continue to donate through the end of this next week!  Use Code "Happy20" to get 20% off of your purchase!


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