Local Spotlight- Tulla Beauty

To continue our theme of spotlighting local businesses that are amazing, we wanted to let everyone know about Tulla Beauty.  Even though she does not have a dog or puppy that we could give some CBD Dog treats to, we are still happy to support her in any way!

The company was started by local Esthetician, Lillie Taylor, who is very passionate about what she does.  Tulla Beauty is a company that believes in helping women become the best and most confident versions of themself.  Through clean cosmetics, she is on a mission to help local women be comfortable in their own skin. Nowadays, many make up companies are selling products that can actually be harmful to the skin and hair. She has studied and done the researched and is now very knowledgeable about all things beauty and make up. Now, Lillie wants to help educate women on the best and cleanest products on the market, which will help insure that her clients are getting the best care possible. 

Not all of us can be as happy as a puppy that was just given a treat, which is why we are so excited that Lillie is helping her community to feel happy and healthy. Her instagram feed is full of awesome pictures and captions that answer many of the questions we have in regards to our daily beauty routines.  Wether it's about doing weekly face masks, body oils, or dry brushing, she has the answers! She even knows the best place to get CBD dog biscuits...but don't we all? ;)   

Here blog also has many useful articles that can help you find what you are looking for!  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to her.  She would love to help educate anyone on beauty and skin care!

We are also giving Tulla Beauty customers and exclusive discount on CBD Dog Treats. Visit our website HappyPawsDogTreats.com and use the code "Tulla20" to get 20% off on your entire purchase! 

You can check out her instagram here @tulla.beauty

or her website here,  Tullabeauty.com




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