About Us - Lola's Story

Hi, we are Chloe East and Ethan Precourt and we started the company Happy Paws Dog Treats!  Both of us grew up having many dogs but it was because of our current dog named Lola that we started this company. A few years ago, when Lola was 11 years old, we noticed how difficult it was for her to climb the stairs in the apartment. As time passed, she became unable to climb any stairs and even stopped using one of her back legs.  We became very worried about her, thinking that it might be time for her to go to Doggie Heaven. One day a friend of ours told us to try Hemp Oil because it had worked very well on his dog. We tried putting the oil in her food, but she would eat her entire bowl, except for the pieces that the oil touched.  We eventually started putting it directly into her mouth, and it seemed to work. As you can imagine, that didn't last long. We then added the oil to her water until she got wise and wouldn't drink the oil water either. Cut to Happy Paw Dog Treats! She eats them as if she's getting a treat! Finally, an easy way for us to give her the Hemp Oil!  Lola is able to climb all of the stairs in the house again and is walking normal!( see before and after Lola videos) She loves the treats, she loves her life, and we love her!


We are very passionate about helping all dogs to live happy healthy lives.  Sadly, not all dogs live in loving homes where they are taken care of.  Because of this issue, for each pack of Dog Biscuits that we are bought, we send a pack of Happy Paws Dog Treats to local animal shelters.  We also help facilitate local dog adoptions in the Southern Orange County Area. 



Our Goal is to support a Happy, Healthy life for Dogs and Puppies everywhere.  Our Hemp oil can help support healthy living and healthy levels of activity. 


Unlike many other companies that source their hemp oil overseas with loose standards, our Hemp oil for Dogs is responsibly sourced in Oregon.



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